Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Revelation and Perspective Shift

I attended Harvest Cry with Johannes Amritzer at Freedom Valley Worship Center in Gettysburg, PA on Friday evening. I went in knowing I needed something from God, and boy, did I get it. It wasn't exactly what I expected, and there is a TON of stuff that I'm still processing, but it was definitely what I needed. I will write about exactly what I got out of it in a little bit, but suffice it to say that Jesus helped me realign myself to concentrating on my relationship with Him versus religion and a list of things I "should" do to be a good Christian. It was awesome, and more is being revealed all the time as I mediate on it.

Just wanted to put this post in so I don't "forget" to write about the experience. Getting ready to go to church now!

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