Saturday, September 1, 2007

Oddly enough...

You may wonder at the title of this blog. Here's the deal...I've got 4 children under 5 years old. In the last 5 years, I've either been pregnant or had a baby who didn't sleep through the night. Hence the title. ;)

My oldest three are boys: Nathan, who'll turn 5 at the end of the month (ok, how did THAT happen?!?), Mitchell, who's 3 1/4, and Owen who's just turned 2 in July. My last child (although I'm not totally positive I want to be done) is a girl, thanks be to God! Lila is just 6 months old.

So, night before last we had a scream-fest all night with the baby. Normally she sleeps well, so I figured something was up. All the kiddos had runny noses, and I had a tickle in my throat that let me know I was getting it too, so I figured it had to be the dreaded ear infection.

Normally on Fridays Nathan goes to preschool for 3 hours (he missed the birthday cut-off for school this year by 25 days), and I already had an appointment for Mitchell to go in to have a Lyme Disease test done anyway. (He had the bulls-eye rash 6 weeks ago, already went through three weeks of antibiotics.) So, here's the conversation with the doctors office at 8:30am, when I'm trying to get out the door with all three kids:

Me: "Hi, I've got an appointment to bring Mitchell in at 10am, can I also bring in Lila as she's got a cold and was up all night screaming, and I think she's probably got an ear infection."

Office: "Um, well, we have a 9:15am appointment open."

Me: "That won't work, as I have to take my oldest to preschool. Can't I just use the 10am appointment for both of them?"

O: "The only other opening we have is at 11:45am."

Me: "I can't do that either, as I'll have to pick the oldest UP from preschool around that time."

O: "Well, that's all we have."

Me: "Ok, FINE. I'll bring the baby in at 9:15...and I'm bringing Mitchell in then as well."

O: "That's fine."

So, needless to say, Nathan didn't make it to preschool yesterday. And, sure enough, Lila DID have an ear infection. AND, come to find out, Mitchell didn't really need the blood test for Lyme Disease right now...but he will need one in 3 months. Go figure.

So now I just need to figure out how to get the baby to actually SWALLOW the antibiotic rather than spitting it out. It's not doing nearly as much good decorating the front of her clothes.

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